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Together for the Good? - Aaron Greer Band

My first and last meeting with the Aaron Greer Band was when it was being formed. I don't remember the date but it was sometime during late summer early fall of 2005. Although our paths had crossed in the past, this was the first time I met Scott, now the bass player in Aaron Greer Band. My very first question to Scott was an eye opener. I asked, "Why do you want to join Aaron Greer Band?" His reply? "I want to make money." Not exactly the reply I was hoping for especially for someone joining a christian oriented band. It was at this time I realized I could not work with Scott or the Aaron Greer band. His reply made me start to wonder about other people that I have met over the years in the religious, music and entertainment business and exactly why they were participating in these fields. After doing so I started giving serious consideration to leaving the music industry entirely.

After 44 years in the music, recording and broadcast industry I am throwing in the towel. I am tired of working with people that have motives other than mine then to make matters even worse having my efforts totally ignored. The most recent example being the six months I spent recording, editing and producing Together for the Good by Aaron Greer Band only to end up NOT BEING PAID for my time. I can not live on nothing as I too have bills to pay. As of December 31st, 2005 I am no longer accepting any more projects from anyone and am giving serious thought to retiring from the music scene. If at some time in the future I decide to take on any more projects it will be on a pay in advance agreement only. I am sorry to see it end this way but enough is enough. To everyone who I have met over the years, keep in mind that your future will be determined by how you treated others that worked hard to get you to where you are now.

How many of you read the following press release at the following URL?

Together for the Good New Music by CCM Newcomer Aaron Greer Band

"Division Tree Records is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of "Together for the Good," a new album by the Aaron Greer Band. The album features 10 new songs written by newcomer Aaron Greer, who sings each word and plays every note heard on the record."

Newcomer? Did I read that right? NEWCOMER? Perhaps he is a newcomer to CCM but he is certainly no '-newcomer-' to the music scene! Why his past is being denied is beyond me as he certainly has nothing to hide to my knowledge. Just to set the record straight here are some photos from places I have run into Aaron over the years. I am doing most of this from memory and will fill in dates, times, places and years as I either find that data or remember it.

- Arsenel -

The first time I met Aaron and his brother Bill was when I was doing video at a Raquel show and a band called Arsenel was opening for Raquel at Blondies in Greensburg, Pa. At that show Arsenel made arrangements to have some video shot at an upcoming show at Spotlight Lounge in Port Vue, Pa on August 27th. I saved a poster from that show which is posted here. If you look closely you will see Aaron top center in the band photo He played drums in Arsenel. I'm not sure exactly how old he was at that time but he was somewhere around 13 to 15. His brother Bill is at the left of the photo.

A video featuring Raquel can be seen here > Raquel.

I will post a video by Arsenel at a later date.


- New Today - The Aaron Greer Project -

Aaron then began working on recording a CD at KatHouse Productions. The project was never finished. However, an unfinished video that was being worked on is posted here.



Aaron and his brother Bill were always HUGE KISS fan. When he saw an ad in the local newspaper about someone wanting to form a KISS tribute band he replied and became his idol Ace in the newly formed KISS tribute band DEUCE. The only problem was they had no one to play Paul Stanley. Aaron approached his brother with the idea of him playing Paul but Bill wasn't interested. After some time had passed and Bill learned that they still had no one to play Paul and as a result were about to give up he said he'd give it a try and DEUCE was born!

I was at every Deuce show up until near the very end and that includes BOTH versions of Deuce as I built and operated the 6000 watt DEUCE sign. TWICE! Once for the first DEUCE and again for the second coming of DEUCE.

I remember the first show on February 23rd, 1996 at Blondies in Greensburg. I have never seen a crowd like that before or since. The place was PACKED with people standing outside trying to watch the show through the windows!

Unfortunately problems developed mostly between Aaron and Rob the bass player and the band broke up in July of 1998 after a little over two years of being together.

The second version of Deuce did it's first show on May 11th, 2001 (which I believe is Bill's birthday) at Fake Fest at Star Lake Ampetheater. Bill was there playing Stanley as usual but there was a different Ace and a different Gene (bass player).

Once again issue surfaced with the bass player and the second Deuce also lasted about 2 years with the last show played on June 7th, 2003.

A promo video I produced for DEUCE can be seen here > DEUCE PROMO
Most of this promo features the second Deuce but Aaron can be seen in the very last scene with the rocket launch guitar which is from the first Deuce.


The earliest date I see posted on TheWPP website is Janueary 12th, 2001 so for now that will serve to put Aaron's participation in The WPP in it's proper place on the timeline of events.

Here is a sample from a full length double disc DVD / CD project that I produced for The WPP. > Rise Again

The website is TheWPP

Aaron's last show with The Witness Protection Program was on December 11th, 2004

Two on location videos of Aaron doing a solo performace Open the Eyes Trading my Sorrows

I never thought much about it but just realized something after putting this page together. It seems there was a common thread to the breakup of the first Deuce and the breakup of The Witness Protection Program. In both cases the bands broke up when Aaron left the band. Deuce reformed then broke up again. In both cases there were issues with the bass player although not the same bass player in each version of the band. I used to kid Bill, "All we need is a new bass player and we got a band!" The future of The Witness Protection Program remains unclear.

As Spock would say, "Interesting!"


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